Evaluation Board, Data Conductivity Acquisition System, AD5934, ADUM1250

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Data Converter
Eval Board AD5934 & ADuM1250
AD5934, ADuM1250
Analog Devices
Data Acquisition System
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The EVAL-CN0349-PMDZ is an Evaluation Board for fully isolated conductivity measurement data acquisition system. The circuit provides a complete robust data acquisition solution for processing conductivity cell outputs, including temperature correction. This circuit is ideal for measuring the ionic content of liquids, water quality analysis and chemical analysis. This design solution is optimized for high precision and it uses only five active devices. The circuit has a total error of less than 1% FSR after calibration. The small footprints of all the components make the circuit ideal for applications where printed circuit board (PCB) real estate is a premium. The digital output of the circuit is fully isolated, therefore, the ground loop interference is eliminated.


Test & Measurement, Industrial

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