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Demonstration Board, IF / Baseband Receiver, 14-Bit, -Aa, Data Converter, LTM9002


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Data Converter
Demo Board LTM9002-AA
Linear Technology
IF Receiver
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DC1298A-AA demonstration board for the evaluation of LTM9002-AA 14bit, 125Msps dual channel IF/ baseband receiver subsystem. Utilizing an integrated system in a package technology, it includes a dual high speed 14bit A/D converter, matching network, anti aliasing filter and two low noise, differential amplifiers. It is designed for digitizing wide dynamic range signals with an intermediate frequency up to 300MHz. The amplifiers allow either AC or DC coupled input drive. A single 3V supply allows low power operation. A separate output supply allows the outputs to drive 0.5V to 3.3V logic. An optional multiplexer allows both channels to share a digital output bus. Two single ended CLK inputs can be driven together or independently. An optional clock duty cycle stabilizer allows high performance. DC1298 plugs into the DC890 Data Acquisition demo board and the output can be easily analyzed with PScope data processing software.
  • Integrated dual 14bit, high speed ADC, passive filters and fixed gain differential amplifiers
  • Up to 300MHz IF range
  • Lowpass filter versions
  • Integrated low noise, low distortion amplifiers
  • Auxiliary 12bit DACs for gain adjustment
  • Clock duty cycle stabilizer
  • Low power
  • Shutdown and nap modes
  • 125Msps sampling, 170MHz LPF, 26dB gain


Communications & Networking, Wireless


Companion with DC890B data collection board. Sold separately

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