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Ultrasonic Sonar Ranging Module, based on PW-0268 Sonar Ranging IC


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Module Board, 400EP14D Enclosed Type Transducer, Schematic
Sonar Ranging Measurement
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The SRM400 is a sonar ranging module utilizing PW-0268 sonar ranging IC. The PW-0268 can work with all PT or EP type transducers. The module provides as a shortcut to develop car reversing systems or some other distance measurement systems for design engineers who are not very familiar with analog circuit and/or the operation of ultrasonic transducers. By using this module engineers can focus firstly on the other fields of digital circuit and software designs as well as some other mechanical issues. After first stage then you can either design your own analog circuit based on the module construction or consult with factory for making your own module for your special needs.
  • 6VDC to 10VDC single source operating voltage
  • Broadband output ranging up to 250KHz
  • Built in variable RC oscillator matching transducers with different frequencies
  • High gain amplifier varies with time over 32 steps
  • Integrated band pass filter reduces external component count
  • Bi direction I/O pin simplifies the control function for transmitting a pulse and receiving an echo
  • An adjustable system clock
  • Board size available with 27.9mm x 18mm


Automotive, Industrial, Test & Measurement


Module board, 400EP14D enclosed type transducer of asymmetrical beam patterns, Detail electrical schematic.

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