BQ20Z95EVM-001 - 

Evaluation Module for Battery Management System


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Power Management - Battery
Eval Board BQ20Z95, Connection Cable to Interface Board, Documentation
Texas Instruments
Fuel Gauge
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The BQ20Z95EVM-001 is a complete evaluation system for the bq20z95 battery management system. The circuit module includes bq20z95 integrated circuit and all other on board components necessary to monitor and predict capacity, perform cell balancing, monitor critical parameters, protect the cells from overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, and overcurrent in 2/3/or 4 series cell Li ion or Li polymer battery packs. The circuit module connects directly across the cells in a battery. With the EV2300 interface board and software, the user can read the bq20z95 data registers, program the chipset for different pack configurations, log cycling data for further evaluation, and evaluate the overall functionality of the bq20z95 solution under different charge and discharge conditions.
  • Supports the smart battery specification SBS V1.1
  • Powerful 8bit RISC CPU with ultra low power modes
  • Supports SHA-1 authentication
  • Complete battery protection and gas gauge solution in one package
  • Software that allows data logging for system analysis
  • Populated circuit module for quick setup
  • PC software and interface board for easy evaluation
  • Flexible configuration for 2 to 4 series Li ion and Li polymer cells


Consumer Electronics, Power Management, Medical, Test & Measurement, Sensing & Instrumentation, Portable Devices


BQ20Z95 circuit module, EV2300 PC interface board, Software CD with the evaluation software, Connection cable to interface board, Set of support documentation, Set of support documentation, EV2300 USB interface board.


It is important to operate this EVM within the input voltage range of 6V to 25V and the output voltage range of 0V to 16.4V. Exceeding the specified input range may cause damage to the EVM.

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