TEXAS INSTRUMENTS  CC1020-CC1070DK868  Development Kit, RF Transceiver, RF Transceiver, CC1020, CC1070

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The CC1020/1070DK is an development kit to evaluate the CC1020 and CC1070 chips performance. The CC1020 single chip transceiver and the CC1070 single chip transmitter provide extensive features and great flexibility, which make the chips suitable for a very large number of applications and system requirements. The CC1020 and CC1070 are especially suited for narrowband systems. This development kit includes two CC1020EB evaluation boards, two CC1020EMX evaluation modules and one CC1070EM evaluation module. The CC1020EMX includes the CC1020 transceiver chip with the external components necessary for operation. The CC1070EM includes the CC1070 transmitter chip with the external components necessary for operation. The evaluation modules are mounted onto the CC1020EB, which is equipped with a voltage regulator and a PC interface circuitry. Using the CC1020EB connected to a PC running the SmartRF Studio software, various CC1020 and CC1070 system parameters can be changed and tested.
  • RF output power up to +10/+5 dBm programmable in 1dB steps at 433/868MHz respectively for CC1020
  • High sensitivity (up to -121dBm for a 12.5kHz channel) for CC1020 single chip transceiver
  • Low adjacent channel power (ACP) for CC1020 single chip transceiver
  • High adjacent channel rejection (ACR) for CC1020 single chip transceiver
  • Integrated bit synchronizer for CC1020
  • Image rejection mixer for CC1020 single chip transceiver
  • Automatic frequency control which reduces the crystal accuracy requirement for CC1020
  • Digital RSSI and carrier sense indicator for CC1020 single chip transceiver
  • RF output power up to +10/+8dBm programmable in 1dB steps at 433/868 MHz for CC1070
  • Low Adjacent Channel Power (ACP) for CC1070 single chip transmitter


Silicon Manufacturer:
Texas Instruments
Silicon Core Number:
CC1020, CC1070
Kit Application Type:
Wireless Connectivity
Application Sub Type:
RF Transceiver
Kit Contents:
Evaluation Board, CC1020EMX, CC1070EM Evaluation Modules, Cables, Adapter, Antenna, User Guide
Product Range:
Narrowband Systems, Voltage Regulator, PC Interface Circuitry
No SVHC (15-Jun-2015)

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  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Wireless
  • Metering
  • Building Automation
  • Security


Two CC1020EB evaluation board, Two CC1020EMX evaluation module, one CC1070EM evaluation module, Two PC parallel port extension cable, Six 25 pin D-sub, male to female Adapter , Two Antenna SMA male to BNC female, five CC1020 samples, five CC1070 samples, CC1020/1070 Quick start user manual

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