FREE Packaging Recycling Collection Service

Let us recycle your Waffle Trays & 7" Reels.

Here at Farnell we take protecting the environment seriously. As part of our commitment to corporate responsibility, we have introduced a FREE recycling service for unwanted waffle trays or 7" (17.5cm) production reels; allowing us to help you, by collecting and recycling your unwanted packaging and importantly at no cost to you.

Please ensure that all left over products are removed from the waffle trays and 7” reels before packing. Also, please note we cannot currently recycle large reels.

How it works...

Complete the online registration form

We send you a FREE recycling pack

Each pack consists of: 4 large boxes for 7” reels and 4 small boxes for waffle trays. Boxes are delivered flat packed.

Fill the boxes

Please ensure that only undamaged, reusable waffle trays and 7” (17.5cm) reels are placed in the boxes. As mentioned above, please remember to use the small boxes for waffle trays and the large boxes for reels.

When the boxes are full, contact us to arrange a collection

Contact our sales office on 800 146 70 to request a collection

Our courier will come and pick up the boxes for FREE

UPS will come to collect the boxes from you at no cost.

We will send you another FREE recycling pack

Enjoy the warm feeling that comes from doing something good for the environment.

Farnell won silver in the Green Apple Environment Awards for its packaging recycling project.

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