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An Interview with Dr José Manuel Andrade

An Interview with Dr José Manuel Andrade

How can IoT help farmers increase yield per unit of farming and prevent crop disease? José Manuel Andrade from University of Derby explains his project.

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luke woodbury

An Interview with Luke Woodbury

Luke Woodbury is a visiting lecturer for Creative Computing at Bath Spa University, specialising in coding.

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Richard Curtin - Senior Director of Premier Farnell’s Strategic Alliance program

BBC micro:bit: A Q&A with Richard Curtin

As Senior Director of Premier Farnell’s Strategic Alliance program, Richard Curtin has played a key role in facilitating our involvement with the BBC micro:bit project.

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Tranmere Park Primary - Codebug interview

An interview with Tranmere Park Primary

As part of our ongoing initiative to support electronics in Education, we recently provided a number of UK primary schools with Codebug development boards. We sat down with Dan Beech, ICT Coordinator at Tranmere Park Primary School, Leeds, to find out how these devices have helped his students to engage with coding and computing skills.

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Robin Cramp – Market Engagement Manager

BBC Connected Interview

As part of BBC Research and Development, BBC Connected Studio inspires, facilitates and delivers innovative digital experiences through collaboration within the organisation and the creative industry. We spoke to some of the key figures in the project to find out more about how their initiative is helping digital creatives both within and outside the corporation to turn their ideas into a reality...

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Consulting Manager Chris Hayhurst and Senior Academic Technical Specialist Coorous Mohtadi

MathWorks Interview

MathWorks is a leading global developer of mathematical computing software for scientists and engineers. Its software, MATLAB and Simulink, is used at more than 5,000 universities worldwide. Consulting Manager Chris Hayhurst and Senior Academic Technical Specialist Coorous Mohtadi are both closely involved with developing and delivering MathWorks services in the UK and around the world...

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Harvey Wheaton - CEO of CodeClan

CodeClan Interview

Harvey Wheaton is the CEO of CodeClan, Scotland’s first digital skills academy dedicated to coding and software development. They are supported by the Scottish Government, ScotlandIS (Scotland’s digital technologies trade body) and Skills Development Scotland...

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Richard Rolfe - National Coding Week

National Coding Week Interview

Richard Rolfe is the co-founder of National Coding Week, the first event of its kind to offer training and education opportunities for adults of all ages who wish to learn the basics of coding and digital literacy. National Coding Week 2015 took place from 21-27th September, with events taking place across the whole of the UK, including the Channel Islands...

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Clarice Hilton Code First Girls

Code First Girls Interview

Clarice Hilton is the Programme Manager at Code First: Girls, a social enterprise that specialises in helping young women to learn coding skills. Tell us about how Code First Girls came about and how you got involved? "Code First: Girls was originally set up as a programme in Entrepreneur First, a company that helps technical individuals to build their own tech start-ups with seed funding, office space and mentoring..."

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Dan Sofer - Founders and Coders

Founders and Coders Interview

Dan Sofer is the founding director of Founders & Coders C.I.C, the first full-time adult programming school in the UK to offer its services completely free of charge. Tell us about your background? "I actually studied Physics in University, but after graduation I got a job as a research assistant in a role that allowed me to spend a lot of time teaching myself how to test and create software in programming languages like Pascal..."

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