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Demonstration Board, Touch Screen Controller, AR1100


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Demo Board AR1100
Touch Screen Controller
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The AR1100BRD is a mTouch analog resistive USB and RS 232 touch screen controller board. The AR1100 touch screen controller board automatically selects between USB and RS 232 communication protocols, as well as supports 4 wire, 5 wire or 8 wire analog resistive touch screens from any of a variety of touch screen manufacturers. The AR1100 touch screen controller board dynamically adapts to the various touch screen electrical characteristics such as sensitivity, contact resistance, and capacitance to provide optimal performance with minimal design time. Building on the AR1000 series, the new AR1100 touch screen controller board offers customers an easy to integrate solution for low cost, high performing resistive touch with the advantages of USB plug and play, support for USB mouse or digitizer, advanced touch response and accuracy, field flash updatability, and free drivers for most operating systems to enable low risk designs for a wide variety of touch sensing requirements.
  • Automatically detects communication type
  • RS 232 (9600 BAUD) and USB (2.0 Compliant)
  • Full speed USB device HID compliant at 12Mb/sec
  • Low power suspend mode for USB < 500 uA
  • Low power sleep mode for RS 232 less then 10µA
  • USB plug and play
  • Dynamic rise time and sampling capability
  • Industry leading touch response and accuracy


Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Communications & Networking, Portable Devices, Multimedia


Supplying power from two different power sources will permanently destroy your controller, your computer, or your monitor.

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